Friday, April 9, 2010

UNI Strategic is a SCAM

Beware of UNI Strategic Pte Ltd and UNI Strategic Sdn. Bhd ( ) - so many have been SCAMMED. They DO NOT pay trainers and speakers their fees, hotels and suppliers, and their employees. This is how their SCAM works - They engage speakers or trainers from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and 'promise' to pay after the event is held. When its completed and these trainers/speakers return to their countries, not a single cent is paid, because what can YOU do to them? Look at these links below and see for yourself the ugly truth about UNI Strategic.

They are able to continue organising events, scamming trainers and speakers, companies and businesses, delegates' and employees, because they know that they cannot be caught, and no legal action will be taken. The total number of people that have been scammed throughout the years all adds up. But they know it is spread across many individuals, making it impossible for a concerted effort to be brought about. And they continue because every single speaker, supplier and employee out there just wants to forget and put aside their HORRIBLE experience with this company. Until now.