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Tip for any prospective facilitators who are interested in working with UNI Strategic

Author: Paul Cherry  Date: Apr 1st, 2009  Category: Sales Training
A division of the Singapore-based UNI Strategic Pte Ltd. has hosted corporate and training conferences and workshops for organizations all over the world, including many Fortune 500 companies. They attract top speakers for their well-attended events.
Numerous trainers and lecturers have reported problems doing business with UNI Strategic. A while back, PBR went to Singapore to do a training program with them, titled Strategic Sales Leadership. This exciting international opportunity turned into frustration where it took us months and endless contacts to Roger Tie, President and Pan Tei Boon, Conference Manager to get the payments we’d been promised. We soon discovered we weren’t the only ones who were challenged collecting appearance fees from UNI Strategic. Several other instructors and facilitators shared their own stories with us about their difficulties getting paid from
Uni Strategic recently reached out to me stating that due to the economy they had some challenges but are now on great footing and are focused on taking excellent care of their vendors and suppliers.   If that's the case, terrific, and I hope it works out for you and Uni Strategic.  But for now, my only suggestion: Ask for your money upfront before you get on a plane to deliver your program to UNI Strategic or with any organization you're absolutely not convinced is 100% above board.  The fact is that as soon as your work is completed, your bargaining power is gone.   Why take unnecessary risks?   Good luck and and let me know if you had a good experience with Uni Strategic.

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  1. From EX UNI Staff  |  Oct 6th, 2010  |  
    I have to say that in addition to UNI's crappy management,the staff also have 2 b blame coz they played a part in people leaving the company. The management is already treating the staff bad enough. But some of the staff there really make the environment even worse. UNI have 1 of the worse office politics in my history of employment. Jz Sales Dir,HERSELF(hint)is busy "digging" gossips,making unnecessary speculations & talk bad abt ppl behind their back,get herself involve in a love triangle with a guy in the company, EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Wt kind of sale dir is diz??!! Shldnt a DIRECTOR b busy bringing in revenue for the company,constantly guiding her team members so dt they cn make money for themselves instead of wasting her time wif all the other nonsense??!! Ive struggle for more than a yr n my sales dir dnt even care about me. She's always busy asking me "so any new stories??" & everytime I'll give her the same ans..."I dnt noe". I tink those ppl dts still wif UNI hv so much time & so rich dt they hv time to waste their time on all diz. Im very disappointed coz wen I joined,UNI was never like diz. It started 2 bcome like diz wen the management didnt do anything 2 rectify all the small prob by jz sweeping it under the carpet. Even wen things gt out of hand,they still dnt do anything. I strongly advise against any1 2 werk in this very sick environment. U'll regret it for the rest of ur life!!
  2. From Miss Z  |  Sep 24th, 2010  |  
    Hi all, as a ex personnel from UNI Strategic. I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with UNI Strategic. With all the bad press the company is getting nowadays, it is nothing new and to some, it was just something they had seen coming. It still puzzle me though how only Roger Tie and Stacy Yeong are the only people giving they statement to the press. What about Wing Tan? Wing is by the way the Chief Financial Officer (Well he use to be).... As the biggest share holder of the company, shouldn't he be questioned too?

    In my opinion, when it comes to wellbeing of guest speaker, the correct person they should look for is Stacy. Roger,CEO, has not much say as to how the company is run as he is basically the talking dummy for UNI Strategic. I have to agree with some of the comments made by user about refund to delegate. Through out my course of employment, I have never heard of UNI may any refund for shitty events. They either postpone the program entirely or play deaf to all companies that demanded refund.

    I have to give credits to my fellow colleagues that is still working hard to make their events successful for UNI (a company that don't appreciate their sales personnel). Especially now with the bad press the company is getting you guys did great, making 900k in revenue. Kudos to that!

    To those who had a bad experience working with UNI Strategic, maybe there is nothing wrong with the company. Yes, they may treat the staff unequally and the wellbeing of staff is not their top priority but if you can't handle the office pressure at UNI then you should look at yourself and ponder how are you going to manage elsewhere.
  3. From A  |  Sep 23rd, 2010  |  
    For employee/salary concerns: seek advise and help from Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Central Provident Fund Board (CPF). File your claim and complaint with MOM and CPF Board.
  4. From Mark Brewerton  |  Sep 17th, 2010  |  
    I wish I'd read this blog before we signed up & did a programme for UNI. We did at least get 50% upfront so we have had something but otherwise our experience is the same as everyone else on this blog. They were very professional before the event, we got our 50% upfront payment on time but from then on it has just been a nightmare. What I have started to do is contact speakers on their future events & told them of my experiences so at least they don't suffer the same fate. This might also lead to a lot of problems for UNI as speakers start to demand full payment in advance - maybe then they will stop their fraudulent practices. I am also getting in touch with the Commercial Affairs Department in Singapore to see if they can help. Will keep you posted on progress (if any)
  5. From Yet Another Ex-UNI Sales  |  Sep 15th, 2010  |  
    Wow! Glad that I left more than a year ago - I always said they would make the papers. They were always cutting our sales commissions and I just heard they were delaying staff salaries and bonuses, and blaming it on the banks. Probably the banks don't like them.

    I am with a competitor now (along with other ex-UNI) and we couldn't stop laughing all day. Apparently their Sales Director (my old boss) also left.

    I am glad the speakers are exploring their taxes. Al Capone was brought down by a single count of tax evasion.

    Below is a crap email from Roger Tie trying to make us happy just when he was about to cut our salaries (you know it is from him because he had been spelling "staff" wrong for over a year I was there.) Maybe the Straits Times can check the figures.

    Dear Colleagues,

    Happy New Year!

    It has indeed been a challenging year in 2008 for most companies, especially with the global credit crunch that turned into a real nightmare for the global financial systems. The global banking landscape changed significantly and will continue to do so. Going forward regulators around the world will tighten their regime as a reaction to the many banks which failed to adequately cope with the crisis of the financial markets.

    Amidst all these economic gloom, UNI had on the contrary, performed its best in all its 7 years since the incorporation of the company. Our revenues for the 9 months as at 30 Sept 2008 was at S$6.7M as compared to S$4.8M for the entire year in 2007. Although this revenue is nothing to shout about, it does show that with the coordinated effort of all staffs and management, UNI can continue its massive growth even in uncertain times like these.

    In 2009, we expect all divisions to experience continued recruitment, training and better performance. Our SG office will continue to be the main driving force of UNI with projections of more than 170 staffs by the 1st quarter of 2009 while our KL office will continue its exponential growth to reach 80 staffs by mid 2009.

    Our growth story does not stop here. As we expand, we will continue to evaluate suitable locations to start our 3rd office. Trainings, promotions and massive opportunities will be given to exceptional staffs with good performances and ambitions who are committed to our cause. So do not rest your laurels and be contented with your performance in 2008! Plan for what you want to achieve this year. Give yourself a deadline to achieve your goals. Work hard to ensure that 2009 will be a career-forming year for you and the company!

    Together we can make UNI a regional conference company that exceeds our customers expectations! Together we can grow our company to be one of the best financially solid company in this industry! Together we can make it happen!

    Go For It UNI and have a great year ahead!
  6. From Joe M  |  Sep 15th, 2010  |  
    I hope my comments will add value and perspective to this tread. Probably its in my nature to raise up points from the other side of the coin at first instance.

    I have never doubted the accusations against this training firm.

    Pardon my perspective.

    Paul, you may remove my posts if it doesn't fit into the overall theme you would like to achieve for this blog.
  7. From UNI Insider  |  Sep 14th, 2010  |  
    This is not a 'sign of the bad times', or the recent economic crash. Singapore is gunning for record quarter-on-quarter growth for 2010. Heck, there wasn't even a downturn this side of the planet. The 'stretched payment terms' (from 30 to 60 days, to 90 and 270! days) are just a clear sign of one thing - a failing company.

    No company in their right mind would risk their reputation by breaking contracts.

    UNI Strategic is doing this because there is not enough money to go around. Simple economics.

    Their cash flow is being stretched till breaking point. They will have to downsize, (and it seems relocate to a lower cost country - Malaysia), delay (and cancel) payments, get sued, investigated and brought to court, get into the news etc.

    The problem will escalate, and the vicious cycle will eat the company up, and very quickly (due to the operational costs still being incurred, but no revenue in sight) they will go bankrupt. I will not be surprised to find the office suddenly locked and barred from entrance - either by the building management, the authorities or the management themselves (absconding away no doubt).

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