Friday, April 9, 2010

UNI Strategic is a SCAM

Beware of UNI Strategic Pte Ltd and UNI Strategic Sdn. Bhd ( ) - so many have been SCAMMED. They DO NOT pay trainers and speakers their fees, hotels and suppliers, and their employees. This is how their SCAM works - They engage speakers or trainers from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and 'promise' to pay after the event is held. When its completed and these trainers/speakers return to their countries, not a single cent is paid, because what can YOU do to them? Look at these links below and see for yourself the ugly truth about UNI Strategic.

They are able to continue organising events, scamming trainers and speakers, companies and businesses, delegates' and employees, because they know that they cannot be caught, and no legal action will be taken. The total number of people that have been scammed throughout the years all adds up. But they know it is spread across many individuals, making it impossible for a concerted effort to be brought about. And they continue because every single speaker, supplier and employee out there just wants to forget and put aside their HORRIBLE experience with this company. Until now.

For the trainers and speakers thinking of dealing with this company, my advice is to SHOW them this website, and ask for upfront payment before agreeing to their terms. Because you will NOT BE PAID once you've delivered the program. They offer US $ 2500 per day (some much less), for a fully customised, advanced program - and then ask for revisions to the program and all sorts of changes, AFTER you've finalised the agenda. What are their research/producers doing? And they will give you all sorts of reasons when you ask for the fees to be paid - the course was not up to 'standard', or that their accounts person has just quit and they've lost all records of the invoice, correspondence. They SCAM you, then move on to SCAM another speaker or trainer for the same event or topic. Saves them lots of MONEY.

For suppliers and hotels, my suggestion is deal only on CASH terms. You will never get paid, and you can blacklist them all you want - they will just get another venue or supplier.

For employees - sales, producers, marketing, operations - you will not get paid your commissions, your pay will be withheld, even when you leave on good terms, or have done your best for the company during your time there. The company is headed by 3 people who operate the company without fear of anything happening to them - not even from the authorities. Wing, Roger (CEO), and Stacey. They are fraudsters, who think they are invincible and can treat everyone like thrash. Just ask the ex-employees about the mistreatment that was dished out to them, and employees that are with the company now. Turnover is sky HIGH. As of 2010, their total count is about 100, certainly less than the 200 stated on their website. Definitely a company in trouble. (An insider mentioned that all the employees March 2010 pay was deducted by a big amount, because upper management decided on a whim to 'push back the accounting period'). What CRAP is that? Is it even legal?

For the delegates and company's sending their employees - the workshops and conferences are not worth it because UNI Strategic does not care about the QUALITY of the events - they only care about MONEY, and push courses that do not even remotely address participants concerns or problems. They charge US $ 2500-US$ 3000 per person, but engage trainers on ONLY US $ 2500 per day - doesn't take a genius to figure out that they need only 4 (FOUR) delegates to breakeven. You have definitely been OVERPAYING. Once you've bought into their lies, promises and PAID the fees (BEFORE the events are held), you're as good as dead to them. The trainers/speakers, who only get confirmed at the last minute, 2 weeks before the event, then get booked on cheap, horrible flights, who are 'promised' payments 2 months after the event, are then expected to give their BEST, of course in the interests of... WHO ELSE? UNI STRATEGIC. The last minute confirmations contribute to rushed preparations of course materials and presentations, not to mention cancellations from the trainers/speakers - what do you expect? No correspondence or updates, and they expect trainers/speakers to prepare presentations and spending valuable time beforehand, when nothing has been confirmed. When there is a cancellation, NO REFUNDS are given. When there is a last minute sub-par REPLACEMENT TRAINER, NO REFUNDS are given - you pay the FULL PRICE, for a half baked, rushed course. They do not give 2 cents whether delegates' are satisfied, or if they obtained knowledge or learning. They want your $ and make sure you pay. Then you can complain all you like - they will just sell to other employees, or get other companies. After all, there are so many people coming into the workforce, moving about, they DO NOT NEED REPEAT CUSTOMERS, and could care less about customer service or satisfaction.

There are just so many incidents like this that have occurred. You have been warned.


  1. uni strategic is the worst place ever!! I can verify the pay cut - they pushed the accounting period to the 19 - 20 from the 1st - 30/31 of every month. But you still receive pay on the 26th/last week of every month. Effectively 1/3 of employee salaries deducted, just like that without any notice. Their reason is many people are leaving, and they leave on the 3rd week. Dont they realise their existing employees will leave as well after this mistreatment?! Taking away existing employees salaries and treating people like shit!! bloody hell!!

  2. Seriously I feel disgrace working in tis coy!! I feel so glad that i'm out of there now...

  3. i wonder what's happening to this company now. i used to work there as well, and the management sucks. i'd be curious to know of any stories from current employees from this company. lol. if anyone's interested, they can e-mail me at

  4. I sought help from the Singapore Government Departments, as another
    > speaker wrote that the Singapore Government does not tolerate
    > Unistrategic's practices:
    > My initial contact was: signed by a Mr.
    > Lin Jiehui (Mr)
    > Corporate Communication Division
    > Ministry of Trade and Industry
    > He actually passed the complaint on to:
    > Commercial Affairs Department. Call the department directly +65
    > 1800-3250000.
    > When I did this and mentioned it to Unistrategic I got paid, albeit in 3
    > installments. All in all it took about 7 months of continuous activity.

  5. You may contact these 2 reporters from SPH

    Sep 11, 2010

    Events organiser under fire over late payments

    Speakers complain online; firm says fees withheld due to poor showing but all will be paid

    By Liew Hanqing & Carolyn Quek

    A GROUP of foreign corporate speakers is crying foul over a Singapore company that they claim did not pay them for their services on time as promised.

    A few have even gone as far as hiring debt collectors to obtain tardy payments, after coordinating strategies with others who posted their complaints on blogs, websites and online forums.

    The company, UNI Strategic, an organiser of corporate events, told The Straits Times that it had no choice but to withhold payment from certain speakers because of what it considered poor performance, which it said was detrimental to its reputation. It later said, however, that its speakers would all be paid eventually.

    At least 20 overseas professionals engaged by it to speak at a number of conferences posted complaints on various websites after allegedly not being paid according to their contracts' timelines, which range between 30 and 60 days after an event.

  6. It is certainly a very unhappy and negative place to be if you are working there. Staffs are being drained to produce more revenue for the company/"MANAGEMENT" but as a result, our efforts and contributions are not even being recognised. They simply do not even bother to even want to know how their staff feels or what they think. Our opinion are simply not important. The only thing that is important to the 3 stooges are "$$!" We start work at 9 - 6 as per agreed on our contracts being signed. Now, they invented a "sales scheme". If we reach the targetted sale then we could go home half and hr earlier but if not, its half and hr later. I tell you even if someone is badly injured or dying of heart attack, they'll just ask us to KEEP CALLING! DIE LATER.. DEAL IN FIRST! Even after all our hardwork, they cannot even get our salary up on time and in a proper way. They screwed up our salary a few times as well.. I cannot stand it and that is why i left a few months ago.. No doubt the staffs are nice, be it the sales managers and even directors. but the 3 stooges are just too much. They should do something fast or else more staffs will be gone in no time..

  7. For employee/salary concerns: seek advise and help from Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Central Provident Fund Board (CPF). File your claim and complaint with MOM and CPF Board.

  8. UNI still having prob now?

  9. This is an internal email, Part 1, show how dark and rot it is inside. Enjoy

    Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 15:39:31 +0000
    To: Gaurav Bhalla
    Subject: Re: Following Up

    You are welcome. Quite frankly nor do I in the matter. The company puts out over 250 trainning workshops a year and I do have other employees and respective events to look after. I am in the misdst of tracing all commuinque of an insurbodinate employee who was out to save herself some work. the company views this seriously. If you still wish to gain commercially albeit small but with exposure in the region and with out clients then it may still be worthwhile otherwise the conversation may prove moot. Pardon my candor but I do not wish to waste your time nor mine.Thanks Chris

    Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld Powered by Gee! from StarHub

    From: Gaurav Bhalla
    Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 10:21:44 -0400
    Subject: Re: Following Up
    Please dial me at XXX. Thanks. I would like to put to bed this issue today and move on. Too much of my time has been spent spinning in circles.



    Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 14:22:28 +0000
    To: Gaurav Bhalla
    Subject: Re: Following Up

    Greetings Prof and thank you for your reply. Yes I am available at the proposed time you mentioned. Would you want me to dial you ?RegardsChris

    Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld Powered by Gee! from StarHub

    From: Gaurav Bhalla
    Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 09:32:30 -0400
    To: Chris
    Subject: Re: Following Up
    Greetings Mr. Chris,

    Good to hear from you. I have no desire to proceed further on this matter, due to the extreme back and forth nature of the interaction. I will be happy to have a conversation with you this evening. You are 12 hours ahead of me. If acceptable, let’s set a time to speak at 9:30 pm my time Tuesday evening, which is 9:30 am your time Wednesday morning. A class size of 10 is not too small for an interactive workshop as discussed from the beginning. How do you propose to get the books at the last minute, I don’t understand. Anyway, please let me know if you are open to a conversation – I need to have a very specific understanding of where we are headed. I am not pleased at the situation that I have been put in.


    Gaurav Bhalla

    > From: Chris
    > Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 16:39:38 +0800
    > To: Gaurav Bhalla
    > Subject: RE: Following Up
    > Dear Prof Bhalla,
    > Warm greetings from UNI and please accept my apologies for having put you
    > through a trying experience with the workshop thus far. This is in part due
    > to my lack of oversight in my producer's dealings with your accommodation
    > and logistics. Matters were made more complex with the tying down of dates
    > for your flight ticket reimbursement where we on our end were trying to
    > secure additional delegates to make up numbers for this workshop.
    > We will be proceeding with this workshop as scheduled with no foreseeable
    > change in arrangements. We are unable to commit to a bulk order of your
    > advertised book on our marketing flyer but will be happy to provide our
    > signups on hand with a copy. We are expecting an interactive class size of
    > 10 and are at present 6 in total.
    > Katherine my colleague has taken leave of this project and I will be
    > overseeing this till your arrival and eventual delivery of the class.

  10. This is an internal email, Part 2, show how dark and rot it is inside. Enjoy

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Gaurav Bhalla []
    Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:15 AM
    To: Chris; Katherine
    Subject: Re: Following Up

    Mr. Chris,

    Don’t cross the line with me. You and your employee Katherine have broken a lot of ethics and rules of common courtesy. I am never Bhalla to you, always either Dr. Bhalla or Professor Bhalla. Good luck finding a more suitable trainer.

    And I presume your company’s promises of making up airline ticket cancellation charges have also vanished into thin air. Just stay away from my inbox and don’t get too familiar. If you have the courage and the decency, make good my time and costs I have incurred on behalf of your company.

    Don’t cross the line.

    Gaurav Bhalla, Ph.D.
    From: Chris
    Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 09:15:54 +0800
    To: Gaurav Bhalla
    Subject: RE: Following Up

    There was never any amusement to this nor intention to create any. The course will have to run with a more suitably equipped trainer in the end. I wish you well.

    From: Gaurav Bhalla []
    Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 12:00 AM
    Subject: Re: Following Up

    Chris, what you call candor, is in my book utterly rude and slovenly. After having wasted my time for a few months – the essentially take it or leave it email is not even mildly amusing.

    Anyway, that’s all water under the bridge. Let me not keep you from your over 250 training workshops and your employees. There will be no call tonight.


  11. This is an internal email, Part 3, show how dark and rot it is inside. Enjoy

    Re: Fwd: FYI
    From: "Katherine K"
    Date: Tue, April 12, 2011 5:50 pm
    Priority: Normal
    Options: View Full Header | View Printable Version | Download this as a file

    hmm this incident was just the trigger point loh.
    wasnt really comfortable towards how this company operate, mainly the payment issue. They really dont pay trainers for their services, regardless of the evaluations of feedbacks. I have 4trainers on-hand who havent get paid yet! one of them came from my first event, first trainer (back in August last year).

    As a producer, we are the contact point to those trainers. They can only rely on & blame us if payment is not done, right or nt? So im rather uncomfortable towards being like one of UNI accomplice.

    What were circulating online (those blogs/ news articles towards UNI not paying trainers for services are indeed true & real. When i decided to join UNI last year i still thought it was just rumors...

    Nevertheless, I am done with this company. But feeling much gulity at that point of time becos i cant reveal much info to u guys, yet u guys are working hard to bring in the number for that event.... felt really bad.

    Now that at least u know the truth & glad to know that ur delegates still turned up for the event. Thats at least good to know that u guys still get back ($$$$) as what u have worked for.

    :) Alright... will see u guys ard, not in UNI probably elsewhere
    tc yea

    (not sure if i get Trayton's email right... if you can, pls forward my regards to him)

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Katherine []
    Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:51 AM
    To: 'Chris'
    Cc: 'Stacey'
    Subject: RE: Following Up


    I am indeed, very upset & disappointed by your words of ‘’ insurbodinate employee who was out to save herself some work.’’

    That sentence made by you, does not justify all the hardworks I had put in during the >6mths here with UNI as a producer.
    In any case, I have always done my very best as a UNI producer, to negotiate terms with the trainers and revert back to the management, especially you.

    For Gaurav’s case, as mentioned in my email yesterday

    I would be more than happy if Gaurav could do the program without the books, but the fact is he will not.
    I’d revert to you and we do believe that he is good enough as the trainer and hence, instructions made were to negotiate with him further, explain that we will instead promote his books than to buy them etc…

    I did, however I came back to you telling you that he will not do it without his books and I was seeking for management decision about this issue.
    I seriously think that I have not done anything wrong, bad or damaging to the company. All I did is to carry out my duties.

    And I definitely do not deserve such statement made by you, as an ‘insurbodinate employee’


    20 Science Park Road,
    #01-26/30, TeleTech Park,
    Singapore Science Park II,
    Singapore 117674
    Telephone: (65) 6825 9579
    DiD: (65) 6825 9570
    Facsimile: (65) 6776 2968
    Timezone: GMT +8.

  12. Check this out.

  13. Roger only owns about 10% of the company, so he literally has no balls in any management decision.

    Last I heard, Wing was bankrupt from his telecoms business and his shares are held by his family.

    When I left, he still hadn't got his license back for be busted for drink-driving. Serious alcohol problem this one - he can even break his leg falling over drunk, not once but twice.

    No wonder Stacey keeps postponing wedding - one part financial, the other part - sick and tired of blowing a drunk to get him hard.

  14. To all the unpaid trainers,
    The only way to get your earned money back is to THREATEN to report these to By Liew Hanqing & Carolyn Quek
    Singapore Press Holding

    If they dont feel THREATEN, kindly drop an email to the above emails and get them exposed.

  15. UNI Strategic are calling themselves Universal Network Intelligence, or UNISTRATEGIC.
    Interesting how search engines do not show any of the bad press surrounding this company when queried with 'Universal Network Intelligence'. I'm sure this is the name being used to lure prospective trainers, speakers and employees, who unawares will undoubtedly search for Universal Network Intelligence and/or (UNISTRATEGIC), with the ensuing results page showing all of UNI Strategic's blatant attempts at search engine manipulation - the 'empty' websites and URL's as well as their 'Bill Clinton' event in Taiwan, which was literally a pathetic attempt to 'save face' from an ailing company (notice, there aren't any other 'major' events anywhere, or any trainings or seminars in Taiwan).

  16. How much does a Corporate Sales Exec get paid in this company?/

  17. Brian Jnes M Sc, M App ScNovember 18, 2012 at 12:10 AM

    I was approached by "Elaine Choo" to host two programs in Cape Town and Abu Dhabi. I did prep work including with their brochures, but then the events were cancelled in breach of contract.

  18. I held a workshop in KL in March 2013.Airline and Hotel paid,however I am still waiting to receive the agreed amount for the 3 day workshop. I was informed by their staff member that the rating for the course was over 70%.After reading these blogs I will now approach the Authorities in Singapore. For future trainers get all the payments up front,do not even accept 50%